"A group of specialist, unbounded by norms and firm in our mission to enable ourselves and those we work for. In doing so, we become the catalyst for a strong and steady growth for the group."


In May 2017, Enabler Space was born.

What started out as a personal project and blog to offer digital marketing insights, trainings and knowledge sharing, snowballed into digital marketing services, a robotics learning center and maker’s club.

– December 2017, Orion Co., Ltd. was established to run Enabler Space as a company.
– September 2018, with the addition of team members versed in technologies, Enabler Space digital services expanded to include website development, software implementation and MarTech (marketing technologies).
– February 2019, Digital Playhouse robotics learning center and maker’s club began operations. Bringining in the future of digital and tech learning for the next generation.

All this while, the team regularly hosted free digital workshops and seminars under the project #EnableMe.

How We Roll….

A group of specialist, unbounded by norms and firm in our mission to enable ourselves and those we work for. In doing so, we becomes the catalyst for a strong and steady growth for the group.

To promote group integrity, sincerity and a real desire to continuously become better.

Stay Humble..  but never cave in
Sharing Mindset..  but know what is confidential
Teamwork..  watch my back and I’ll watch your back
Positive Self-drive..  but tame your ego
Passion for Betterment..  continual learning


ENABLER SPACE – Digital Marketing Simplified
Offers digital marketing, website and technology development services for companies in various industries in Thailand and neighboring countries.

Is a learning hub that focuses on re-learning and unlocking creative thinking through play, specifically board games, maker activities and robotics. The unit offers gameplay based learning programs for HR activities, companies, education institutes and communities.

#ENABLEME – Enabling Professionals
Provides courses, workshops, seminars, corporate in-house trainings and private group trainings for digital marketing, digital leadership, cyber security and business English.

Managing Team

Our Commitments – First and foremost is our commitment to our employees. They are the life blood of Orion. Taking care of our team empowers and encourages everyone to take care of our customers. Orion is a bootstrap company, and we belive in strong and steady growth for the group starting with the team.

Our first member started the project based on one belief and we strive to keep it alive:
“Defy the odds. Break the norms. Spark a paradigm shift.”
Everyone is capable of much more, if only you want it, work for it and you believe you can.

Monlamai Vichienwanitchkul

Managing Director

Anat Obom

Enterpreneur in Residence 

Alongkorn Niyomdecha

Cashflow Controller

Prem Vichienwanitchkul

Deputy Head of Operations