2020 Messages From The Captains Crew

2020 Messages From The Captains Crew

2020 marks our third year running as a company.

Here’s what our leads would like to say – Captains Crew Insider’s View:


Monlamai Vichienwanitchkul – Managing Director

Hi, I’m Monlamai Nit. I’m the first crew member of our team. A couple of years back, I gave myself a mission. And that was to create a work environment where people are able to come to work without having to put on their work face.

I believe that when people feel safe. When they can be completely creative and themselves, that is when the magic happens, for the individual and hence the business. In doing so, we’re basically a goal-oriented company where we run by objectives. We treat everyone as mature adults and we do expect the same gesture in return.

What I always tell our leadership team is that there are no heroes abroad our ship. We’re here to build a winning team as oppose to individual heroes. The mission I gave us isn’t an easy mission. But I trust, I trusted and I will continue to trust in our leadership team. Thank you.

Anat Obom – Entrepreneur in Residence (TH translated)

Sawadee krab. I’m Anat. 5 important factors for building a team include the following.

Number one, you must have consistency. Number two, you must be fast. Number three, you must be sincere. Number four, you must act with integrity, not taking advantage ourselves, colleagues and customers. Number five, you must never stop learning. The world is changing very fast.

Thank you very much! Sawadee Krab!

Alongkorn Niyomdecha – Cashflow Controller & HR

Our social and financial responsibility as a company is very simple.

First is we do things by the book. We keep it clean, we keep it direct. We keep it simple.

Second, we have a responsibility as a company to be good. The meaning is we do right by the country, we abide the law, we take care of our people, the company. And then we take care of the social and community.

Prem Vichienwanitchkul – Deputy Head of Operations

Our group’s mission and vision is actually strong and steady growth. So we understand that to achieve that, a strong backbone is required. Therefore, that is why we opted for a systematic approach and process to everything that we do. We’re not fully there yet but we try and we keep always exploring new methods and ideas that would allow us to achieve that.

And finally, we believe as a group in data. That data doesn’t lie and information is power. Therefore, we try to embody that for everyone both internally and for our clients. We value that data transparency and accuracy is very important to us. And we understand that it is also very important to you guys.