Digital Enablers Transition to a New Normal

Digital Enablers Transition to a New Normal

Digital Enablers Transition to a New Normal

Restrictions are easing as the Covid-19 situation improves here in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s almost business as usual in the city of angels as Bangkokians adapt to a new normal. 
New Normal working in your own space.
Each team working in their own spaces.

Covid has many businesses all over the world moving away from the tradition of working a set number of hours in the office. Companies like Facebook and Twitter are leading the way, with Facebook set to move towards a mostly remote workforce, while Twitter announced that employees could work from home “forever”. It’s part of the changes that are being dubbed the “new normal”.

Precautions for the new normal
Taking the necessary precautions to keep everyone happy, healthy and safe.

Orion Co. Ltd was originally set up to be an amalgamation of the traditional and what is now the new normal, making the transition to the new normal quite smooth. The company has taken the recommended steps to keep everyone safe and physically distant while working in the office. For example, employees report to the office on a staggered schedule, with different teams coming on different days. 

Regardless of the conditions, Orion is here and ready to support you in all your digital needs. Please feel free to reach out and talk with an Enabler


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